Easy Steps for Giving Refunds Using Your QuickBooks

If you are searching for some accurate solutions and procedures to be able to give refunds in QuickBooks, then this blog will surely help you do the same within no time possible. Additionally, if you encounter any other related issues later on or have some queries then you must feel free to reach the team of experts without delaying at all. The team will be right there to fix up all the glitches.

Note: you should also know that you can only refund up to the amount of the original sale, and not more than that. The other important thing to keep in mind is that you are only allowed to issue credit card refunds within 180 days of the sale.

Follow these steps for refunding a credit card payment on a sales receipt:

  • You would have to first go to the ‘Banking’ menu or the Transactions menu. And then select the ‘Receipts’ option.
  • Then you need to open the sales receipt that you would like to refund the payment for.
  • After that, you will have to select the ‘More’ option.
  • And then you also need to select the ‘Refund’ option as well.
  • Select the ‘Yes tab and then give a click on the ‘Refund My Customer’ option.

To refund a credit card payment on an invoice:

  • You need to go to the ‘Sales’ menu and then select the ‘Invoices’ tab.
  • Next, you got to open the invoice that you would like to refund the payment to.
  • Then you must select the ‘More’ tab.
  • After which you have to select the ‘Refund’ tab.
  • And then finally you got to select the ‘Yes’ button and then go to select the option that says ‘Refund My Customer’

Note: now it also depends on how much time it has been since you had processed the payment; then you might just need to first create a payment. The given solutions should definitely help you get through the process successfully. But in case you face any problem then you just have to contact QuickBooks Support Australia immediately. The team is waiting to help you out at all times, and they are capable to resolve all the concerned issues.