Fix the Payroll Error in Your QuickBooks Desktop

Do you need help with fixing the payroll error in your QuickBooks desktop and thus you are searching for the best guidance to do the same? Then you are right where you should be. Here you will find a few accurate steps that will help you get over with the procedure within no time at all. And then you will have the issues fixed up completely.

Firstly you need to confirm the amount that you have overpaid to your employee, and then go to follow the provided steps mentioned below accordingly to get the right result:

  • After this, you must go to the ‘Account’ section.
  • And then you need to select the option that says ‘Make General Journal Entries’
  • Next, you will have to enter the ‘Date’ and the ‘Entry NO’ options for your journal entry.
  • After that, you need to choose your checking account and the payroll account that s given under the ‘ACCOUNT’ column.
  • Now from the ‘Credit’ column, you would have to enter the overpaid amount for your checking account.
  • And for the ‘Debit’ column, you need to enter the overpaid amount for your payroll account.
  • You now will have to enter the name f your respective employee.
  • Finally at last you just have to give a click on the ‘Save and the Close’ button.

Note: therefore this way you should be able to correct the balances of your checking account and also reconcile it from there.

Now we hope that the above solutions are helpful to you and you can solve the payroll error in your QuickBooks. You should be all good to go by now as the steps provided are relevant and useful to help you with the same however if you face any problem while doing so or you require more information and guidance in handling the amount you overpaid to your employee or other queries then you can feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks Support Number Australia right away. Thereafter, you will have the assistance of the most eligible technicians that are trained and capable to give you the best, reliable solutions.